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Sixth sense – House fire

Whilst working in an extremely hot loft space the other day I was reminiscing about a job I did a couple of years ago. I had been called out to a house that had had a house fire due to an electrical fault.

burning houseUnfortunately for the girl at the house her fuse board didn’t have RCD protection… which meant that she wasn’t protected against fires or electric shocks.

I ended up re-wiring much of her house for her, which could have been avoided if she had upgraded her consumer unit (fuse board) sooner!

Anyway, as that memory faded from my mind, I clambered down from the sweaty loft space and my phone rang. I answered it and it was that same girl, two years on! She had moved house since, and needed another job done.

I told her “That’s so weird that you called, as I had just been thinking of the job I did for you…”

She laughed as if I say that to all of my customers!

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